Falling behind on keeping your UGC clean?

Stay ahead with Infoesearch’s 24/7 Live moderation support, powered by advanced AI & our in-house team of 1000+ experts.

Infoesearch combines the power of artificial intelligence and 24×7 live human support

to safeguard your community, users, clients and your business. Our full-suite of moderation services filter user-generated content including text, image, video, text-on-image, tags and other forms of metadata for your criteria.

Learn more on how Infoesearch can help you to keep user-generated content clean and meet your platform goals.

    Infoesearch Experience

    Deep industry expertise to help you achieve your UGC goals


    In-house Experts


    Live moderation support




    Posts moderated monthly


    Global brands served


    Quality control protocol

    Infoesearch Capabilities

    Strategic planning and execution to tackle your challenges

    Content types

    • Social media posts moderation
    • Images moderation 300M+ and counting
    • Text moderation 500M+ and counting
    • Videos moderation 250M+ and counting
    • Community moderation reviews, posts, comments, chat, Q&A
    • Text on image moderation
    • Community profiling & moderation
    • Image/video tagging


    • Social networking platforms
    • Dating sites
    • E-learning platforms
    • News portals
    • Gaming sites
    • Online review portals
    • E-commerce platforms
    • User-generated content campaigns

    Value for you

    • Dedicated account manager
    • 24/7 support
    • Zero crowd-sourcing policy
    • Zero downtime
    • Vernacular support
    • Platform-agnostic
    • Comprehensive ancillary services


    • Maintain reputation
    • Enhance brand recall
    • Build credibility
    • Achieve operational goals
    • Promote growth & expansion

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    From understanding KPIs to crafting success stories

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