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Content Moderation

Safety net for content-based digital platforms

Safeguarding what matters the most for your business and its reputation: content. Good with good content while keeping out the bad.

Safety net for content-based digital platforms

Experience and capabilities

Social media posts moderation

Images moderation

300M+ and counting

Text moderation

Videos moderation

Community moderation

Text on image moderation

Community profiling & forum moderation

Image/video tagging

Making it happen.
Making it count.

Our Moderator's experience span across a range of disciplines including comprehensive understanding of local/regional/national regulations and compliances such as COPPA and GDPR. We help brands and communities grow.

Flexible ancillary suite

Supporting your evolving needs and requirements.

In-house team

1,000+ certified moderation experts at your disposal

Advanced AI

Capable of screening content at lightening speeds

24/7 live moderation support

Real-time tactics to solve your content moderation challenges

Platform agnostic

Customized for any platform, any size with vernacular support

Zero crowd sourcing

Everything from start to finish gets done in-house

Helping brands and communities grow

  • Social networking platforms
  • Online review portals
  • Dating sites
  • Gaming sites
  • News portals
  • UGC campaigns
Helping brands and communities grow

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Over 1+ billion content moderated monthly Keep your UGC clean and safe for all

24x7 real-time content moderation and tagging Achieve operational goals

Using proprietary AI and a team of 1,000+ moderation experts Promote growth & expansion

Supporting a multitude of content types Enhance brand recall

Supporting a multitude of content types Maintain reputation, build credibility

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